The Right Protection For Extreme Weather Solutions In Florida

For residents in Florida, extreme weather conditions occur regularly, from extreme heat and humidity to hurricanes.

Being equipped with the proper protection includes having homes built to withstand these elements, including weather protection windows.

From keeping your interior temperature cool to protecting you from exterior high winds, Paradise Exteriors is Florida’s premier provider and installer of weather protection solutions.

Why Weather Protection Matters

Why Weather Protection Matters

In addition to the heat and humidity common for Florida residents, there is the threat of seasonal hurricanes, which can bring torrential rains and hurricane-force winds that can have a devastating impact on homes throughout the state.

When these incidents occur, they can cause strong winds that can damage roofs, siding, and windows quickly.

This damage is dangerous and expensive to repair, and the dangers, especially from the threat of broken windows caused by a hurricane, are significant.

The damage caused can create an entry point for the wind and rain, but also, there’s the threat of flying debris that is dangerous within the home.

Because of the threat and damage that can be done, homeowners must get protection for their homes with windows designed for those extreme weather scenarios.

The solution? Impact-resistant windows from Paradise Exteriors.

Peace of Mind with Hurricane Impact Windows

Dealing with and preparing for the next significant weather event shouldn’t be exhausting.

Getting security and peace of mind from Hurricane-resistant windows that are designed to withstand the impact of strong winds and flying debris will keep you and your loved ones safe.

What’s more, these enhanced windows further improve your home security by offering an added layer of protection that makes it difficult for intruders.

And, with our impact-resistant glass, you will have a more peaceful living space because these windows help reduce unwanted noise from outside.

The Paradise Plus Impact windows are constructed with multiple layers of glass, reinforced frames, and extremely durable seals, engineered to withstand the highest category of hurricane-force winds and heavy rain.

With an extremely strong polymer interlayer, these windows and doors create a combination of storm protection and overall safety for homeowners.

This engineered design provides superior protection from the outside, and each window goes through rigorous testing and standards for our customers’ peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

The cost of cooling your home is not cheap, and with our Paradise Plus Impact windows, we make sure that the seals are air-tight, providing extra protection to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.

The innovative design provides another layer of energy efficiency to help lower your energy costs, improve your home’s insulation, and reduce heat transfer to the outdoors.

Moreover, because buyers are more interested in buying an energy-efficient home with lower utility bills to operate, this may also add value to your property and home.

Why Choose Paradise Plus Impact?

Why Choose Paradise Plus Impact?

With Paradise Exteriors, you’re guaranteed to get value for superior products. The top three reasons for choosing Paradise Plus Impact include:

  1. Easy Hurricane Protection
  2. Effortless Everyday Performance
  3. Quick, Simple, and Accurate Installation

1. Easy Hurricane Protection

Redefining the concept of easy hurricane protection, the Paradise Plus Impact hurricane-resistant windows and patio doors provide superior protection.

Rigorous testing to meet our standards is on every item we install to ensure they protect against severe weather and hurricane winds while complying with strict building codes and performance requirements.

2. Effortless Everyday Performance

Investing in Paradise Plus Impact windows and patio doors provides more than top-of-the-line storm protection; it also offers everyday performance to enhance your indoor living quality.

Laminated, multi-paned glass strengthens windows and drastically reduces unwanted outside noises.

This creates a more enjoyable, quiet indoor environment. Also, our tempered glass will block nearly 100% of UV rays for an added layer of protection for you, your pets, and your furniture while helping maintain temperature control so that you can spend less on cooling costs.

For added peace of mind, our strong polymer interlayer makes it extremely challenging for potential intruders, enhancing your home’s overall security and your family’s well-being.

3. Quick, Simple, and Accurate Installation

We know getting contractors out to install at your home is stressful and time-consuming, so we designed our Paradise Plus Impact products to be installed simply and quickly. Our pre-drilled fastener locations are built to fit with any opening to make for user-friendly installation to enhance the performance of our products but also make them readily available to install for a wide range of homes.

Paradise Plus Impact windows are the best choice if you’re looking for fast, safe, and reliable solutions for home protection from extreme weather and hurricanes and added security. State-of-the-art innovation with an unmatched commitment to quality is what sets the Paradise Plus Impact windows as the ideal solution to safeguard your home.


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