Vinyl and Design Benefits

Design BenefitsCWS, Custom Window Systems, has a line that is specifically constructed for hurricane impact zones in Florida.  This line is called WindPact Plus.  The WindPact Plus series have all the newest advances in technology and engineering.

First of all, the windows are Vinyl, which provide extra performance in the heat and humidity of weather in Florida.  Vinyl windows have increased energy-efficiency.  They are extremely low maintenance and resist rotting and chipping.  To clean them all that is needed is mild soap and water.  Vinyl windows absorb sound and hence reduce noise coming from outside.  They are extremely secure and can help protect your home from invaders and finally, Vinyl windows are excellent protection against hurricanes.  Vinyl windows have been known to outperform other types of impact windows during hurricanes.  They have been tested to the requirements of the Florida Building Code and are used throughout the state even in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

Some of the advanced engineering includes high-grade resins and additives, which aid prevention of weathering, increase durability, and increase color retention and impact resistance.  There are multiple hollow chambers that aid with strength and insulation.  The Dual-pane laminated insulated glass is filled with argon gas. Why argon gas? Argon gas is colorless, odorless, and nontoxic, yet heavier than air.  When it fills the insulating glass space, it forms a clear insulating barrier that helps slow down the transfer of temperature whether hot or cold, thus increasing insulation.  There are thick vinyl walls for the frame to maintain the energy-efficiency.  If the frames were reinforced with aluminum, the energy-efficiency would be reduced.


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