What Is Galvalume Metal Roofing?

In a hurricane-prone region like South Florida, every home needs a strong, durable roof that holds up against extreme winds and rain. Unfortunately, most homes in the south-central and southeast US have roofs that are susceptible to hurricane damage. An estimated 72% of roofs in hurricane-prone regions are only built to withstand winds up to Category 3. 

For South Florida homeowners who are serious about hurricane protection, galvalume metal roofing has become a top choice. Thanks to an innovative construction that includes metal, aluminum, and zinc, galvalume metal presents a powerful combination of strength, wind resistance, and longevity. 

In the sections below, we’ll cover everything that Florida homeowners need to know about Galvalume metal roofing, its advantages over other roofing materials, and its benefits for hurricane protection.

What Is Galvalume Metal Roofing?

Galvalume is a coated metal product that’s used exclusively in the roofing industry. The coating is composed of aluminum, zinc, and a trace amount of silicon. This combination helps galvalume offer the strength of steel, the durability of aluminum, and the longevity of zinc. 

Galvalume metal was first developed in the 1970s. Since the 1990s, it’s been the go-to material for metal roofing, surpassing galvanized steel in popularity.  

The Advantages

Compared to other roofing materials, the key advantages of galvalume metal roofing include:

  • Longevity and durability
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Resistance against corrosion and rust
  • Energy efficiency from reduced air conditioning costs 
  • One of the most effective roof materials for solar panels 

We’ll discuss several of these advantages in more detail below. 

Why Galvalume Roofing Is Perfect for South Florida Homes

Wind Resistance

No roof is 100% hurricane-proof, but a galvalume metal roof can withstand higher wind speeds than other roofing materials. Thanks to superior strength and a tight seal, galvalume roofing is considered the best option for surviving extreme wind and rain events. 

At Paradise Exteriors, our metal roofs are built to withstand Category 5 storm winds. 

Corrosion Resistance

The Galvalume finish provides metal with superior corrosion resistance, providing protection against sea spray and salt air. 

The blend of aluminum and zinc forms a double protection that’s more than twice as strong as galvanized steel. Galvalume metal is also often described as “self-healing,” referring to its ability to limit the spread of rust. 

Heat Reflection

Gavalume metal roofing has excellent reflectivity against solar radiation. This helps keep your home cool and lowers energy costs. Painting your metal roof can result in even greater reflectivity. 

Galvalume Metal Roofing

Galvalume Metal vs. Other Roofing Materials

Nationwide, asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material. However, while a shingle roof is a less expensive option, it needs replacing much sooner than a metal roof. A shingle roof might last up to 20 years, whereas a metal roof has a life expectancy between 40–70 years. Shingle roofs are also less able to withstand extreme weather. 

Another option is clay tiles. This is an attractive and long-lasting roof style. Clay tiles also offer good storm protection, but don’t withstand extreme winds as well as metal roofs. Tile roofs are also pricy and not as easy to add solar panels to. 

Installation Process

Before installing a galvalume metal roof, the installation team removes the old roof. They then inspect the roof deck and make any needed repairs. 

Next, your roofers will install an underlayment that forms a water-resistant barrier between the roof and the home.

Finally, the galvalume metal roof is installed. This involves hand-snipping, bending, and seaming the tabs. These specialized tasks must be performed by professionals in order to ensure a flawless installation that provides long-term extreme weather protection. 

What to Look For

When you’re searching for the right roofing contractor to replace your current roof, you cannot underestimate the value of experience and reputation. 

As you start your search, prioritize finding a reputable contractor that has experience in installing metal roofing. Be sure to also look at reviews from their past customers to learn more about the exact details of their experience. 

Next, we have materials. Look for a roofer that uses high-quality virgin metals. These materials will provide superior strength, durability, and aesthetics. 

Lastly, price. While the roof’s appearance and style are subjective, the cost isn’t. Look for a roofing contractor that offers competitive prices, financing options, and warranties so that you can avoid large, upfront payments and remain protected in the event the roof needs to be repaired or replaced in the future. 

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