Winter Is Coming…

Winter in Florida is a great time to prepare your home for summer heat and storms.  There are several steps you can take to protect your home against the ravages of the summer season. If you’re watching the weather along with your wallet, these tips can help lower your electric bill.

Paradise Exteriors, Replacement Windows, South Florida Impact Patio Door ContractorsWeather Stripping: Worn weather stripping can act as the pivotal crack in your home’s armor. By allowing heat to leak out of the spaces beneath doors and windows, you can lose comfort along with your money trying to keep your home cool. Go through your house and re-attach loose or hanging weather stripping. Inexpensive to acquire and easy to apply, a properly weatherproofed home will keep the whole family happy.

Caulk The Cracks: If gaps between your doors and windows are more substantial than what weather stripping is capable of handling, your local DIY store should stock plenty of caulk. A powerful sealant used to reseal cracks in tile, this magic material is ideal for patching weathered and exposed portions of the home.

Foundation: If you have more severely damaged areas around the home, you should look into more concerted repairs. Damaged areas, especially around the foundation, can create an easy escape for air conditioning, and allow those hot summer winds to whip right into your home. Though this step is more advanced than caulking or replacing your home’s weather stripping, it is essential for safeguarding your house, and professional help is always a good idea when working on the foundation.

Storm Doors: Storm doors are an excellent way to add an extra layer of protection between your family and the elements. Reducing air leakage, controlling moisture and powerful enough to stand whatever nature can throw at them, Storm doors are excellent for keeping out summer season’s unwelcome climates.

Replace: Sometimes, old and weathered elements of the home can no longer be patched. When replacing old windows and doors, it’s best to purchase energy-efficient products. Double-paned, energy-efficient windows can save on AC costs, along with keeping precious cool air in the home. Beyond their built in durability, the energy-efficiency of their design reflects the radiant heat of the sun to keep your the home comfortable.

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