The Buyer’s Guide to Impact Window Styles

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If you’re a Florida homeowner looking to upgrade your property’s hurricane defenses, you might have considered hurricane impact windows. If so, this guide to impact window styles is for you. Unlike other options, hurricane impact windows are permanently installed in your window openings and provide lasting protection with no extra setup, tear down, or maintenance required. 

Today, we are going to cover some popular impact window styles that you might consider for your home. If you do not see a type of window listed that you’re interested in, please contact us today for a personalized estimate. 

Popular Impact Window Styles

Double-Hung Window

Double-hung windows are commonly found in many homes across the world. They feature both a top and bottom operable sash, allowing you to open and close them from either the top or the bottom. 

Some double-hung windows have a tilt-in feature that allows the sashes to be unlocked to tilt into the home. This feature is to enable cleaning the outside of the window from inside the home. 

Single-Hung Window

As the name suggests, only the bottom sash of a single-hung window is operable. These are pushed up from the bottom in order to open and provide the same ease of use as their double-hung counterparts. 

Horizontal Sliding Windows 

Horizontal sliding windows (sometimes called a horizontal-roller or horizontal rolling window) are commonly found kitchens but can be used throughout. They are pulled horizontally to open, instead of being pushed up. They mimic the same function as single-hung windows. 

Casement Windows 

Some homes have casement windows throughout. Other homes may have a mix of window styles. Unlike the above windows, a casement window is a single pane that opens on a hinge similar to a standard door. Because the entire window opens, these are a great option for allowing plenty of fresh air into your home. 

Casement windows can also be a useful replacement in a bedroom, when the opening on a single or double-hung window is too small to meet the new fire code egress requirements. 

Another advantage of a casement window is that, since the window opens out, the screen is located on the inside. This means, the screen does not get as dirty. So it doesn’t need to be cleaned as frequently. Casement windows are operated by an inside hand crank. They may also have a separate locking mechanism.

Picture Window 

Picture windows remain fixed in place and do not open or close. They can be large or small and have various common uses. Some homes will have a picture window in a living room to take advantage of an unobstructed view of the outside. Other common uses for picture windows are in basements, hallways or as small decorative accents.

Picture windows often vary in size throughout a home. For example, your doorway may have a small picture window above it as a decorative accent. Some homes will feature large picture windows that can span multiple feet to maximize daylight. 


A slide-picture-slide window is a larger sized window unit that combines a picture window in the middle with two sliding sections on each side. The unit will have three panes of glass, laid out horizontally. In some units the panes are all the same size and in others the middle picture window is larger than the two sliding panes.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open by pushing the window outward from the bottom. The glass itself becomes an angled covering for the window, allowing you to open it without worrying about rain or leaves. 

Awning windows usually operate with an inside hand crank like casement windows do. This style creates an excellent seal when fully closed. It is often used on walls where the available space is limited, such as bathrooms and basements. 

Common Questions About Impact Windows 

Can They Be Installed in Other Styles of Window Frames? 

Yes, impact-rated glass can be configured to fit almost any style of window. We have more choices, beyond the ones listed above. Bay windows to circular windows, trapezoid and others are available. Your home can be completely protected from hurricane damage. 

Do I Need to Buy New Frames to Have Them Installed? 

Yes, you do need to purchase new window frames to install impact-rated glass. Prior to your installation date, they are custom-made to your existing window opening’s exact measurements for a seamless replacement. 

Your old window frames are not strong enough to hold up against hurricane forces. Florida tests and approves Impact-rated window frames. They are stronger than standard window frames. Impact-rated windows are also installed with special stainless-steel screws. Which are also Florida approved.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Installing Impact Windows? 

Beyond providing maintenance-free hurricane protection, impact windows can provide a variety of other advantages to homeowners. Some examples include: 

  • Improved crack and shatter resistance for greater home security 
  • Enhanced energy efficiency 
  • Increased property resale value potential 
  • Peace of mind when preparing for hurricanes 

Additionally, impact windows also continue to filter light into your home during a storm event. Other options like shutters and wooden boards eliminate all daylight, creating a darker indoor environment where it becomes impossible to see what is happening outside. 

Get Stylish Impact Windows for Your Florida Home 

Though hurricane season does not start until June, preparing your Florida home for severe weather is a smart decision year-round. Intense storms can happen at any time, and with the convenience and superior performance of impact windows, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your home remains constantly equipped against aggressive forces of nature. 

At Paradise Exteriors, we are proud to be Florida’s leading provider of high-quality impact windows to fit nearly any style along with prompt service and an unbeatable range of warranties. To learn more about installing impact-resistant glass in your home, contact us today for a free estimate. 


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