Best Parts of Your Home for Horizontal Sliding Windows

When deciding on what type of windows to install in specific areas of your home, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best suited for your space. Horizontal sliding windows are some of the most popular for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re looking to add sunlight to your home or increase accessibility, read to see how horizontal sliding windows can benefit your home. 

Best Places for Sliding Windows:

Rooms Where You Want a Lot of Daylight

Florida is the “Sunshine State” for a reason. Horizontal sliding windows have no structural features that cross over the glass pane, making them perfect for letting in plenty of daylight and giving your home a refreshing aura of natural light. 

Rooms that typically benefit from more daylight include:

  • Kitchens
  • Living Rooms
  • Bathrooms 
  • Dens

Rooms Where You Need More Fresh Air

Certain rooms in your home generate more moisture or odor than others. In these rooms, horizontal sliding glass windows can be a huge benefit by allowing in large amounts of fresh air and helping to eliminate unpleasant smells. 

These rooms may include:

  • Bathrooms 
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Mud Rooms
  • Kitchens

Windows That Are Hard to Reach

If you have windows that you want to open but may be difficult to reach, a horizontal sliding window might prove to be a more convenient option. For example, if a window is high up, it can be difficult to push a single-hung or double-hung window upward. Instead, a sliding horizontal window is an easy alternative for convenient and accessible opening. 

For Homeowners Worried About Fire Safety

Sliding glass windows have larger openings than hung windows. Essentially, they function as smaller versions of sliding glass doors that you might find in the back of a home. 

These windows can filter out more smoke than hung windows and are easier for people to fit through if they need to escape a fire and do not have the ability to make it to one of the home’s doorways. Horizontal sliding windows are perfect for bedrooms, especially in homes that prioritize fire safety.

Spaces with Horizontal Features

Horizontal sliding windows complement rooms with horizontally oriented decorative features like hutches, workbenches, and counters. They contribute to a more cohesive aesthetic and can add an extra dimension of increased daylight and ventilation when opened.

Upgrade Your Sliding Glass Windows with Impact Glass

As any Floridian can tell you, hurricanes are an important factor when figuring out how to best protect your home. When a hurricane strikes, shards of broken windows are one of the biggest threats to your safety. That’s just one reason why you may want to consider using impact glass with your sliding windows. 

Unlike traditional glass, hurricane impact glass provides a superior level of home protection against the most severe storms in South Florida. Other notable features include:

Permanently Installed in the Home

With impact glass, no setup, teardown, or maintenance is needed. Impact glass continues filtering in light unlike shutters, plywood boards, or any other material that requires a setup and teardown. 


Standard window protection options like shutters can be noisy and cause a disturbance during a storm. Impact glass helps create a calmer and quieter living environment.

Energy Efficient

Impact windows offer greater thermal control than traditional glass.They keep cool air cool and warm air warm, which can help reduce your electric bill as a result.

UV Light Filtering

Impact windows allow you to enjoy the daylight without exposure to harmful UV Rays. This can prevent fabrics in the home, like curtains, blankets, and furniture from fading due to UV exposure. It can also help prevent the health of your skin over time.  

Better Home Security

Resistant to sharp and blunt forces, impact windows can deter burglars from trying to break into your home, offering a greater sense of peace and security.

Custom-Sized to Your Existing Openings

There is no additional construction required to adopt impact windows in your home (though new frames need to be installed with the windows). Impact windows can be cut and sized to your existing openings.

Upgrade Your Windows with Paradise Platinum

Paradise Exteriors is the proud, exclusive installer of Paradise Platinum Impact Windows and is the recipient of multiple EnergyStar Awards. Paradise Exteriors offer the only windows endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council for home security. 

We also offer the industry’s leading financing and warranty options to prevent financial barriers to protecting your home. Payments may be deferred by as late as one entire year! 

To learn more, contact us today for a free estimate. 


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