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Residential Hurricane Window Protection Options

Hurricane-Proof Your Living Space

When a hurricane touches down, protecting the windows of your property can help prevent property damage and preserve your valuable items you keep inside. As you’re looking over your options, you might be wondering which hurricane window protection options is best for you?  

Today, we’re going to cover the best hurricane window protection opinions for residential properties. Let’s start with the one that has remained widely used as long as homes have been built in Florida: Boarding up your windows. 

Boarding Up Your Windows

Many homeowners looking for a simple solution to protecting their properties from hurricanes will board up their windows and doors. While this can shield the glass to some extent, is it the best option? 

Before modern engineering provided more robust alternatives, boarding up your windows was widely considered the best option. However, there are notable disadvantages to this method.

These disadvantages include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Needing to have supplies on-hand or time to purchase boards and nails before the storm 
  • Needing to nailed boards the building, putting holes in the exterior 
  • Requiring multiple people to nail in the boards in a timely manner 
  • Strong hurricane forces can still tear the boards from the structure 
  • Boards can be difficult to remove after a storm 
  • Boards leave gaps between them, allowing water and debris to penetrate 

Storm Panels 

Storm panels are another option you can use for your commercial property. These are designed to mimic the same protection of boarding up your windows and doors but with a more attractive aesthetic. 

Storm panels are installed by attaching them to the frame around the door or window. While they are more visually appealing than a plywood board, they still require a multi-person setup, teardown, and space to store them.

Using Hurricane Shutters 

Hurricane shutters are one of the most popular window protection options for residential properties. Depending on the variety you purchase, they can be either permanent or temporary fixtures.

Because they are built with tough metals, these shutters can shield your windows and doors from debris rather effectively. Like boards and panels, though, they are not without their own challenges. 

Common logistical challenges for hurricane shutters include: 

  • Needing enough time to prepare your shutters before a storm
  • If they are not permanently attached, the shutters need to be set up and torn down each time 
  • If they are detached, you need space to store them 
  • Hurricane shutters need frequent maintenance from the wear and tear they endure
  • Shutters are noisy when rattling against the side of the building
  • They block out sunlight from inside 

Window Film 

Hurricane-rated window films are applied over your glass to add an extra degree of protection against the forces of nature. However, window films often provide an inadequate defense when used by themselves. Instead, they function best as a supplement to other options. 

Hurricane Fabric 

Hurricane fabrics are made with tough, trampoline-like materials that are designed to repel debris. They are stretched across the glass of your door or window and can be installed and removed as needed. 

Like window films, though, fabrics are best utilized as a supplement instead of a substitute for other options. If an intense hurricane launches a sharp piece of metal debris at a piece of fabric, will you feel confident enough in its ability to not tear? 

Hurricane Impact Windows 

Hurricane impact windows are the most complete option for protecting your commercial property. Built into the window frame, they function like any other window but are constructed with materials that can withstand the intense forces of these storms. 

At Paradise Exteriors, we firmly advocate for impact windows as the best option for commercial properties because they:

  • Are permanently fixed to the house
  • Don’t require setup or teardown 
  • Don’t block out sunlight 
  • Are designed to match the aesthetics of your property
  • Come in a variety of shapes and styles 
  • Can be repaired or serviced individually as needed 

Get the Best Hurricane Impact Windows for Florida Commercial Properties Today 

If you want the best hurricane protection option for your windows, nothing compares to the quality and style of impact-resistant glass. At Paradise Exteriors, we are proud to be the leading provider and installer of these solutions for homes throughout Florida. 

We’ve built our business on product quality, a commitment to outstanding service, and providing the best warranty on hurricane windows in the Sunshine State. To learn more about our options for your  property, contact us anytime. 

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