5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Fort Lauderdale Exterior Doors

With the abundant sunshine and warm weather of Fort Lauderdale, people often spend more time outside than elsewhere. 

And when taking a stroll or driving in the area, one of the first things you notice is how the home looks from the street. 

This perspective is known as curb appeal. It helps give the first impression of your home, and depending on the type of Fort Lauderdale exterior doors, it can either enhance or limit your house’s curb appeal. 

Living in the Sunshine State has its perks but also comes with its share of challenges. 

Extreme weather events, from scorching heat and humidity to hurricanes and torrential downpours, are a reality. If your home does not have the right exterior door, it can lead to many issues and potentially expensive repairs. 

If you’re looking for a reason to upgrade your exterior doors or are unsure if updating your existing doors is right for you, Paradise Exteriors has the solution. In this article, we will discuss five compelling reasons to upgrade your Fort Lauderdale exterior doors. 

5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Fort Lauderdale Exterior Doors

These reasons include enhancing curb appeal, safety, and durability, which should give you the confidence to make the right decision for your home. 

The main reasons that we will be discussing include: 

  • Enhanced Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Improving Curb Appeal
  • Noise Reduction
  • Better Functionality

Of course, there are more reasons than we have on our list, but these are some of the more crucial to improving your home’s aesthetic value and saving you money down the road. 

1. Enhanced Security

Having a home in Fort Lauderdale can be a real treat, but it also comes with the awareness that extreme weather events are just something people in the area live with. 

Also, crime can be a problem in the area, and if your exterior doors aren’t up to par, you’re at risk of damage to your home or the potential for break-ins that can shatter your safety and peace of mind. 

With updated exterior doors, like those from Paradise Exteriors, you’ll have updated security against all external threats. An updated exterior door is designed to be strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds, making it impact-resistant and providing an added layer to home security. 

And with extreme weather, having impact-resistant doors is more than just a convenience; it’s necessary. 

Enhanced Security

Paradise Exteriors understands the need for enhanced home security and improved weather-resistant exterior doors and is the go-to solution for all your needs in Fort Lauderdale. All our doors are tested to withstand the impact of airborne debris, the most common cause of injury or property damage during a storm event. 

The resiliency of these impact-resistant doors will also enhance the level of security of your home against potential intruders, helping you sleep easily at night. 

With improved durability and sealant, you’ll keep the elements outside and protect what’s important inside. 

2. Energy Efficiency

With Fort Lauderdale’s year-round warm climate, energy-efficient exterior doors are the key to having homes that allow you to control the interior temperature.

Having the right exterior door can make a huge difference in your home’s energy consumption. It can provide cost savings on cooling your home while also being more environmentally friendly. 

Outdated doors are a significant cause of energy loss and home energy consumption costs. Older doors may have cracks or gaps that allow air to escape, directly impacting your home’s energy consumption and increasing your utility costs. 

This means that using your air conditioner can cost more during the summer months and that during a cold snap, your HVAC has to work harder to keep your interior comfortable, adding a strain on your home air system and higher utility costs. 

Paradise Exteriors knows the Fort Lauderdale area’s energy demands and has door solutions to help keep your energy consumption lower. All our doors are designed with state-of-the-art insulation that prevents air leaks for a more stable and comfortable internal room temperature. 

Better insulation will lower your energy consumption, reduce the workload on your HVAC system, and reduce your monthly utility bills. However, lowering your energy demands is not the only benefit; installing newer exterior doors can also reduce your carbon footprint. 

3. Improving Curb Appeal

The first thing people see when they pass by or pull up to your home is the door and entryway. The more inviting your entryway is, the better its curb appeal. 

Why is curb appeal important? 

Curb appeal is the first impression a person has of your home. The more attractive it is, the greater the perspective a person has of their home. This can be vitally important when you’re trying to sell your home and can increase the value of your resale potential, but it’s also an essential feature for you as you live in it. 

The right door design can boost the home’s aesthetic by catching the eye, incorporating all the property’s architectural details, and showcasing your style and preferences as a homeowner. 

When you’re thinking about the correct type of materials for the exterior door of your home, there are a few popular options to consider, including: 

  • Wood Doors – These wooden doors are timeless because of their texture and durability, giving your home a classic look and feel. 
  • Contemporary – A modernized look and feel to your door but with improved energy efficiency and durability. 
  • Iron Doors – Iron doors provide a sense of craftsmanship and security. 
  • Impact Resistant – A perfect combination of efficiency, customizability, and security from hurricane-force winds and impact. 

When designing the exterior door for your home, consider the street’s perspective. By considering how your door fits your home’s architecture and overall design, you can significantly improve its curb appeal. 

4. Noise Reduction

Living in Fort Lauderdale means you’re dealing with many exterior sounds and noise ranging from ocean sounds to the hustle of urban living. While some of these sounds may be welcomed, others may not, and having the ability to reduce unwanted outdoor noise will make your living environment much more enjoyable. 

Outdated or older doors often need more modern improvements, materials, and technology that properly seal and insulate your home from external weather and noise. 

Paradise Exteriors offers state-of-the-art solutions to elevate issues like poor fitting doors from the house settling, worn-out weather stripping, or other problems that may increase outdoor noise seeping into your home. 

Some of the benefits of noise reduction from new exterior doors include: 

  • Enhanced quiet: Acting as a substantial barrier to outside noise, upgrading your Fort Lauderdale exterior doors with Paradise Exteriors will provide a more peaceful, calm indoor environment. 
  • Increased Privacy: Enhancing your noise reduction also prevents your conversations from spilling out onto the streets, meaning your inside conversations remain private, giving you more security and intimacy at home. 

5. Better Functionality

Upgrading your exterior door will also provide better functionality for a more extended period. In an environment like Fort Lauderdale, the combination of regular use and the harsh elements of the local climate can impact the function of even the most complex doors. 

Common problems include wood rot, warping, rust, and corrosion, which are an eyesore but can also impact the way your door operates. Older doors may stick or not close correctly, leading to costly energy consumption and security concerns.  

Over time, your exterior doors will experience wear and tear from regular use, but with extreme weather, that accelerates. Upgrading to more durable materials like fiberglass, steel, or a composite can increase the lifespan of your exterior door and reduce the possibility of costly repairs and replacement. 

If you’re curious about a new exterior door, contact us today for a FREE quote from Paradise Exteriors and see the difference in upgrading your Fort Lauderdale exterior doors. 


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