The Buyer’s Guide for High-Quality Impact Glass

How to Pick the Best Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane season is always an anxious time for Floridians. Hurricane impact windows are a crucial part of any hurricane preparedness plan, but not all impact windows are created equally. There are many factors to consider when looking for the best Hurricane Impact Window in South Florida

Today we’re going to go over some of the things you should be thinking about before making a purchase decision so that you can get the window that provides the protection you need. 

Independently Tested for Performance 

One of the most important things to look for when selecting a Hurricane Impact Window is that it has been independently tested and certified by an accredited third party. The window should have both impact resistance and wind pressure resistance certification.


Another important factor to consider when selecting Hurricane Impact Windows aesthetics. Not all impact windows look alike, and you may want to choose a window that will complement the look of your home, not just protect it from hurricanes. 

When browsing options for hurricane windows, look for a provider that offers a wide variety of window styles to suit your home’s needs. From traditional double and single-hung styles to sliding, casement, and awning configurations, you should be able to have the window style that enhances your living space. 

High-quality hurricane glass can also be custom-cut to fit the shape of existing window frames in your home. This keeps costs more affordable and allows you to retain your home’s beautiful appearance with ease. 

No Maintenance Required 

One of the best things about hurricane impact windows is that they require little to no maintenance. You can lightly clean them from time to time, but they will not demand any regular upkeep to perform as expected. 

Shatter Resistance 

When Hurricane Impact Windows are hit by debris or high winds, the glass is what takes the brunt of the impact. Make sure to select a window with sufficient shatter resistance that will minimize the amount of damage done in case of an accident.

Glass Clarity  

Not all Hurricane Impact Windows are clear glass. Some may have a slight tint to them, while others will be completely opaque. If you want optimal clarity during the day and enhanced privacy at night, it is important to select hurricane impact windows that offer both light transmission properties for daylight hours and opacity or reduced visibility when darkness falls. 


You do not want hurricane impact windows that require special tools or installation techniques in order to work properly. Look for impact windows that open and close like any other standard home window. 

Noise Reduction  

If you’re looking for a window that can help reduce noise levels both indoors and outdoors, select a high-quality impact window. This type of glass is designed to minimize sound transmission and can be a great solution for those living in busy or noisy neighborhoods. 

Crime Prevention Quality 

Another reason that many Florida homeowners love hurricane impact windows is their ability to provide superior protection against burglaries and intrusions. During a hurricane, looters may comb through evacuated neighborhoods and try to break into homes to steal valuables. Impact-rated glass can withstand the common instruments that an intruder might use in an attempt to enter a residence. 

At Paradise Exteriors, we offer the only impact windows recognized by the National Crime Prevention Council as assisting to Take-a-Bite-of-Crime. Not only are they more resistant to weather calamities, but they may also assist you to feel more secure about your home’s protection from undesired visitors.

Protected by the Best Impact Window Warranty Options  

When Hurricane season hits, you don’t want to worry about whether or not your windows will hold up. Look for a window that comes with a comprehensive warranty from the manufacturer. The best warranties will cover both the product and labor in the event of any damage. 

Get a Free Estimate For Top-Rated Hurricane Impact Windows Today 

Hurricane impact windows are a no-brainer when it comes to providing your home with superior storm protection. Beyond their ability to withstand the forces of nature, they can also provide additional benefits such as UV protection, noise reduction, and enhanced home security against unwanted intruders. 

At Paradise Exteriors, we strive to provide our Florida neighbors with the best hurricane impact windows on the market. Along with our courteous and prompt service, we also offer an unbeatable range of warranty and financing options to help make upgrading your home’s hurricane security a seamless experience. 

To get a free estimate for your property, contact us anytime.


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