Why Hurricane Impact Glass is Best for Noise Reduction Windows

Do you need noise reduction? Living in a high-traffic neighborhood can create a chaotic environment in more ways than one. With all of the vehicles, pedestrians, and nearby neighbors creating noise near your home, the sound pollution can disrupt a comfortable living space and impact your ability to rest or relax. 

noise reduction

Hurricane impact glass can provide many protective benefits during severe weather conditions, but did you also know that they are perhaps the best way to significantly reduce noise coming into your home?

Today, we are going to cover some key benefits of noise reduction windows in your home and why you should use hurricane-rated impact windows. If you would like to learn more about the process, contact us today for more information as well as a free estimate for your property! 

Benefits of Noise Reduction Windows

Less Ambient Noise from Outside

The most noticeable and apparent benefit of hurricane impact glass is the reduced level of ambient noise pouring into your home from outside. If you have loud neighbors, live near a major road, or other high-activity environment, you will notice far less of these sounds when you are in the comfort of your home. 

Less Indoor Noise Spreading Outdoors

Impact windows can also reduce the amount of indoor noise traveling beyond your walls. This helps to increase privacy and can also better soundproof your home if you are someone that likes to crank up the volume when playing music or watching television. 

Improved Indoor Acoustics 

Are you a home audio enthusiast or musician? Because these windows provide greater noise control, they can also help contribute to better acoustics for your home. You will notice greater sound quality the minute you turn on your favorite song or start playing an instrument. 

A Calmer Living Space 

Because these windows offer greater acoustic control than traditional windows, you will enjoy a calmer and more restful living space. If your ears are sensitive to loud sounds or if you find it hard to sleep due to outside noises, you will notice an immediate difference once your new windows are installed. 

Why Choose Hurricane Impact Windows for Noise Reduction? 

Beyond the sonic benefits of these windows, hurricane-rated impact glass can provide other benefits to your home, such as: 

Year-Round Hurricane Protection 

Unlike other window protection options, impact windows remain permanently installed year-round. This eliminates setup or teardown time associated with other solutions and everlasting peace of mind that your home’s interior is sufficiently protected from high winds, rain, and airborne debris. 

No Maintenance Required

High-quality impact windows require zero maintenance. In the event that one may be severely damaged during a hurricane, your window installation provider may also offer warranties that help you save on replacement costs. 

Better Insulation 

In addition to restricting indoor and outdoor noise, impact windows also provide superior thermal control for your home. This means that cool air stays cool, warm air stays warm, and your HVAC system does not have to overwork to maintain desirable indoor air quality. You will also save on utility expenses, as this greater level of energy efficiency often results in lower monthly energy bills. 

UV Light Reduction 

As the “Sunshine State” nickname suggests, Florida receives plenty of sunshine throughout the entire year. However, with that daylight also comes harmful ultraviolet rays that can fade fabrics, cause sunburn, and other negative effects. Impact windows are designed to reduce or eliminate the amount of UV light that reaches your interior. 

Better Home Security 

Because impact glass is constructed with sturdier materials than traditional windows, they are far more difficult to break. Common objects a burglar might use to shatter a window will not break a hurricane window, thus deterring others from attempting to enter your home. 

Custom Sizes and Styles

Impact glass and window frames can be sized and styled to nearly any configuration. From small picture windows above a doorway to large sliding or casement windows, you do not have to sacrifice your preferences to better soundproof and protect your home.

Upgrade to Hurricane Impact Windows for Your Florida Home 

At Paradise Exteriors, we are proud to exclusively offer Florida homeowners Paradise Platinum hurricane impact windows – the only ones on the market to hold both multiple Energy Star awards and an endorsement from the National Crime Prevention Council. 

To start enjoying a quieter, more private, and more restful home this year, contact our team today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about upgrading your home’s windows as well as provide a free estimate for your property. 


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