How to Prepare Your Florida Condo for a Hurricane

Condos are a ubiquitous feature of beautiful Florida living, and many modern complexes are found in vibrant neighborhoods near destination beaches, shopping, and entertainment options. Many residents purchase them as a vacation home or an escape from northern winters. 

However, condos are just as vulnerable to the dangers of hurricanes without proper protection. Hurricane season, officially, spans from June 1 to November 30. There are few things more worrisome than a hurricane when it comes to devastating weather in the Sunshine State. Here are some tips on how to prepare condo for hurricane, to ensure that your Florida condo is prepared should a storm occur.

prepare condo for hurricane

Check with your HOA Leadership About How to Prepare Condo for Hurricane

An HOA is responsible for protecting the well-being and safety of their community, so yours likely has a Hurricane Preparedness Plan in place. As part of your preparation, visit your HOA and obtain any necessary protocol information about community action and responsibilities during a major storm.

Such protocols might involve guidelines for activities such as parking your car, bringing inside any outdoor furniture, or disconnecting a gardening hose. Finding out this information ahead of time will help you protect your property and avoid any potential fines that might result from improper hurricane preparation.

Follow Local Weather Updates for the Latest Information

Staying informed in anticipation of a storm is critical to your plan. Check with local weather organizations and government agencies online for the latest forecast projections and evacuation notices. You might also consider keeping a battery-powered radio and extra batteries on hand in the event of a power outage. 

If Sheltering in Place, Check with Your Adjacent Neighbors

If authorities permit sheltering in place during the storm, check with your next-door neighbors about their plans for the hurricane. If they are also sheltering in place, consider exchanging contact information in case of an emergency. Remember that these permissions can change at any time, so be ready to evacuate if authorities recommend doing so.

Move any Sharp or Heavy Objects Away from Windows

Large, heavy, or sharp objects like furniture or decorations tend to fall during bad storms and can potentially crack your windows during a hurricane. Consider moving items such as bookcases, television stands, or picture frames away from the windows and either along a solid wall or to the center of another room without any openings.

Secure Any Locks on Doors and Windows

Whether you are home or away during a hurricane, double-check your window and door locks before landfall. Securely fastened locks such as deadbolts or electronic locking mechanisms will have a greater chance of withstanding the forces of nature during the storm.

Leave Any Home Security Systems on During the Storm

If you are away from home due to a hurricane, ensure that you leave any home security systems turned on. Thefts are often more likely to occur during and after storms, as looters might look to take valuable items from empty homes. Keep any alarms or security cameras active so that you can monitor your property. 

Be mindful that your alarm system may fail after a storm, when phone and power lines may be down for an extended period of time. This is one reason many choose to install hurricane impact windows, which provide a more reliable type of security against break-ins.

Upgrade Your Home with Hurricane Impact Windows

One of the best investments for Florida homeowners is hurricane impact windows. These windows are a stylish and robust solution for protecting your home against the forces of a storm. They can be sized to your condo’s existing openings and function as any other window, which results in a better-looking and more energy-efficient window protection method. They can also ensure greater compliance with your community’s HOA guidelines and help prevent break-ins. The stronger glass can help deter unwanted intruders from successfully entering your home with greater resistance to breakage.

Unfortunately, Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. Every year brings a new series of storms that threaten to wreak havoc on the state’s soft white shoreline. Whether you live on the coast or are just visiting, knowing what to do and having your belongings properly prepared can make all the difference once a storm hits. Although hurricanes can be devastating, they aren’t unstoppable forces of nature and can be prepared for.

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For more about how to prepare condo for hurricane, see: Why Every Florida Home Needs Hurricane Impact Windows


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