Why Every Florida Home Needs Hurricane Impact Windows

Impact windows Florida

Impact Windows Are a Wise Investment for Florida Homeowners 

It’s no secret that Florida experiences hurricanes multiple times each year. Its location between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as above the Caribbean Sea, makes the Sunshine State a prime touchdown point for intense weather activity.

Despite the hurricanes, our home state continues to draw millions of visitors each year due to its beautiful beaches, great cities, and numerous family attractions. In fact, Florida is one of the top-eight states for inbound migration

Whether you are a new Florida resident or a true lifer, adding hurricane impact windows to your home can add more benefits than one. Today, we’re going to cover them in detail. 

1: Better Hurricane Protection than Regular Windows 

Standard home windows offer little-to-no hurricane protection. Instead, they need to be covered by a nonpermanent solution like shutters or wooden boards. The process of always preparing your windows for a storm can become tiresome and time-consuming when considering other priorities. 

Impact windows remove this hassle because they provide superior protection and are permanently fixed to the structure. This erases the preparation process and gives you and your family more time to make other necessary preparations. 

2: Conform to the Shape of Your Existing Window Size 

New impact windows windows should be custom made to fit your existing window openings. This way there is no need to widen the space or cut into the exterior walls. These processes would otherwise take additional time, require additional approvals and cost a lot more. 

Having impact windows custom made to fit the dimensions of your existing frames also avoids gaps, adds strength and helps ensure your windows are free of leaks and drafts for years to come.

3: Crystal Clear Views 

Many homebuyers purchase property in Florida to take in the beautiful ocean views. When changing windows, you might be concerned about a specialized glass obstructing the scenery that initially drew you to your new living space. 

Hurricane-rated impact windows offer a crystal clear, obstruction-free view. Enjoy the same sights you are used to with the added peace of mind that comes with improved storm protection. 

4: More Daylight than Other Hurricane Protection 

Depending on the projected severity of the hurricane, homeowners may be able to stay in their residences throughout the duration of the storm. Still, common risks like power outages might occur. If this happens, you have to rely on limited resources like battery-powered lights to see in your home. 

Other hurricane protection solutions will cover the windows and not allow natural light to enter your home during the day. Impact windows will continue to filter in daylight and provide you with a feeling of normalcy while you wait for the storm to pass. 

5: Simple and Straightforward Maintenance 

Hurricane shutters require regular maintenance or they may not operate properly when you need them. Unless you know how to fix them yourself, you will need to contact a shutter repair specialist, which may be almost impossible to find quickly when a storm is approaching. 

Hurricane panels require a laborious and sometimes dangerous installation process. Especially if you have second floor windows.

Impact windows are maintenance free. You do not need to schedule seasonal maintenance. Usually repairs are only needed if you notice signs of damage after a storm. Any other issues should be covered by a product warranty. The Paradise Platinum Series hurricane windows, for example, come with an industry leading Double-Life of Ownership Warranty.

6: Better Home Security 

Impact windows’ robust construction will prevent intruders from breaking into your home more effectively than traditional glass. Because the panes do not shatter easily, entering through a window will not be possible for someone trying to enter inside. 

7: Increase Your Home’s Resale Value 

Lastly, and perhaps the greatest benefit, adding hurricane impact windows to your home can increase its resale value

Homebuyers are already investing great sums in purchasing property and moving their belongings. They may opt to select a home that has built-in storm protection rather than having to buy an external solution that requires setup, teardown, and storage like hurricane shutters. 

Add Impact Windows to Your Florida Home 

We proudly serve our neighbors in Florida by offering industry-leading hurricane impact windows, expert installation services and maintenance, and unbeatable warranty options. To learn more about how you can increase the security and value of your home, contact us today to receive a free estimate for your property. 


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