Hurricane Proofing Houses in Florida: Securing Vulnerable Rooms

Almost every year many homes in Florida are damaged or destroyed by hurricanes. A well-built home should withstand most severe weather conditions. However, if a hurricane approaches, several vulnerable areas throughout the structure could compromise its durability during the height of the storm and risk extensive and costly damage. 

Not every part of the home is equally secure during a hurricane. Without appropriately hurricane proofing your Florida home, these vulnerable areas could compromise the safety of your structure. When a storm is approaching, the last thing you want to do is run around the house trying to figure out how to secure it. By knowing which parts of your home are most vulnerable during a storm, you can rest assured that you are prepared.

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What are the Least Vulnerable Parts of a Home During a Hurricane?

If you’re thinking about hunkering down during a hurricane, you should know that certain parts of your home are more vulnerable to damage than others. The areas with the least number of windows are typically the safest places in your home during a hurricane.

Common examples of these areas include interior bathrooms, stairwells, hallways, pantries/large closets, and laundry rooms. If local authorities permit sheltering during a hurricane, these are typically considered some of the safest places to shelter in or near. Of course, it’s essential to continue monitoring authorities’ warnings and plan to evacuate if conditions worsen throughout the storm.

Hurricane Proofing House: The Most Vulnerable Rooms of Your Home

If you are thinking of hurricane proofing your house, consider starting with the most most vulnerable parts:


Do you have a sunporch? If so, you know what a great way it is to let the natural Florida sunshine into your home. But without strong enough glass, these windows can quickly shatter, allowing wind, water, and debris into your interior.

Living Rooms

Storms can wreak havoc on your home and the valuables inside. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, your living room is especially susceptible to damage. With its many windows (or a few large ones) located along an exterior wall, your living room is particularly vulnerable during a storm, as are any valuable items such as televisions, furniture, bookcases, and similar items. 

Upper-level Bedrooms

Upper-level bedrooms are particularly vulnerable to wind damage during storms, and heavy wind can cause even more intense damage when carrying debris. If your bedroom is on the second floor or higher, you need to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from this kind of danger—you don’t want to be forced out of what should be the most restful part of your home!

Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Kitchens and dining rooms are often designed with windows to allow for natural light. If a kitchen window is breached, this can create an additional risk of damage to items like wood cabinets, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.


Florida homes are rarely built with basements, but if you find yourself in possession of a house with one, there are some things you need to be aware of. Basement windows, cracked concrete walls, and similar vulnerabilities can invite leaks and flooding if not adequately secured.

Glass Doors

Storm doors and sliding glass doors can be some of the most vulnerable parts of a home in severe weather. Large panes of glass are easily broken by heavy debris. Flooding also poses a danger, as these doors are often closer to the ground than windows, leaving them open to water damage.

Old Roofs

Roofs are often taken for granted until a leak happens. Standard roofs are functional and affordable, but they’re not made to withstand hurricane-force winds. In fact, during a severe storm, your roof could be blown off of your house entirely, exposing your attic and the rest of your home to further damage.

If you live in an area vulnerable to significant storms, consider investing in a storm-proof roof. Such roofing is designed to remain firmly fastened to your home during severe weather events to ensure that your house stands an exponentially greater chance of staying dry, protected, and structurally sound.

Protect Your Entire Florida Home Against Hurricanes By Hurricane Proofing House

storm rated roof replacement

Hurricane Proofing House: If you’re looking to protect your entire home against hurricanes, look no further than hurricane impact windows. Such windows are designed to protect your home and family from the worst of the worst during a storm. Don’t wait until the next hurricane season to get hurricane impact windows installed— it’s the best way to make sure you and your family are safe when disaster strikes.

Are you worried about your home’s ability to withstand the next hurricane? Paradise Exteriors can help you with that. We install Paradise Platinum impact windows, doors, and long lasting storm-proof roofs across Florida.

Our Paradise Platinum windows provide better protection against storms, and they also increase energy efficiency, home security, and provide noise reduction.

Paradise Exteriors is a Master Elite Roofing Contractor. We install GAF roofing systems, which is the only brand that offers a shingle roof rated and warrantied for unlimited windspeeds! It is especially designed and tested to hold up to hurricane force winds.

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