How to Install Hurricane Impact Windows

Everything You Need to Know About Installing Impact Windows

In today’s world with daily reports of extreme weather conditions, if you are living in a hurricane-prone area, there is one thing that should be done to protect your family and home from the shattering effects of a storm.

Installing hurricane impact windows is one of the best investments you will make in your home, while also providing protection and security for your family. In some coastal areas where hurricanes and gale force winds are common, hurricane windows have become a standard feature in homes.

Are you currently using another method of window protection that you are not satisfied with? Perhaps you are considering replacing your traditional glass windows with ones that are hurricane-rated for impact resistance? If so, here is everything that you need to know about installing impact windows in your South Florida home.

hurricane window installation

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Installing hurricane windows does more than just protect your home. They will also reduce the noise, protect from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Many insurance companies appreciate the value of these windows and offer discounts on their homeowner’s insurance for homes and offices that have hurricane impact windows.

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Homeowners also appreciate impact windows for their aesthetic appeal and low maintenance. Other than optional cleaning, you do not have to perform any maintenance and no pre-storm setup or teardown is required. 

For homes that are governed by HOA’s, the broad customizability that impact windows offer also allows them to be custom-sized and shaped to your existing openings with a wide selection of finishes. This can allow you to maintain your home’s original appearance and window functionality. 

Lastly, another often overlooked yet important benefit of hurricane windows is that they can provide additional home security against burglaries or other forms of break-ins. Due to their robust construction, they can resist shattering attempts from heavy objects and can deter criminals from making further attempts to enter your home. This can provide a much-appreciated peace of mind, especially when you are away from your property.

The Hurricane Window Installation Process

For most installations, we send a team because two people are needed to install them correctly. For some windows in older homes and for windows that are difficult to reach our professionals handle with ease.

Installing impact windows begins by removing the current standard glass window from its frame. After this, the hurricane window should be placed into its frame to ensure a proper fit.

Next, the sealant is applied to the perimeter on the outside of the window opening. Once this has been completed, place the new window into the opening and nail it into place.

Finally, apply silicone caulking to the edges. This will help protect cracks and crevices in the opening from being damaged by water during a storm.

To install a hurricane impact window, start by removing the current window from the frame. Next, put the hurricane window into the frame to make sure it fits properly. Now, take the window out and apply the sealant to the perimeter on the outside of the opening. Finally, put the new window into the opening and nail it into the frame. Silicone caulking can be applied to the edge once the window is installed.

To make sure the window is completely sealed, attractive moldings and casings are installed around the window. Casings are usually outside and help ensure that the hurricane window is sealed completely. This stops leaking heat of air conditioning and keeps out pests. Inside the room, moldings are for aesthetics as well as completing the seal.

When installing your impact windows, we adhere to strict quality standards to ensure that they are installed in line with the manufacturer’s instructions as well as an HOA or municipal guidelines. If any formal HOA approval or municipal building permitting is required prior to the start of your installation project, we can also assist you in obtaining the proper authorization ahead of time. 

More About Hurricane Windows

When we install your hurricane impact windows, we will make sure your windows are in accordance with the manufacture instructions.

The laminated glass that is used in hurricane windows was first developed in the 1930s for use in automobile windshields. It wasn’t until recently that their popularity has grown for use in residential buildings. Hurricane windows have greatly lowered the amount of destruction from hurricanes and storms. These windows can withstand winds up to 200 mph and are much more effective than plywood coverings.

There are two types of hurricane windows. The first uses a clear film that is applied to both sides of the glass. This shatter resistant film will not allow the glass to fly around the room if it breaks. Instead, the window remains held together in pieces to still provide a barrier and reduce the amount of cleanup required after the storm has passed.

The second and most popular choice is called inner-membrane glass. This type uses two sheets of glass pressed together with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) placed between them. This rubber-like clear material is a very strong adhesive so that even if the glass is shattered it stays together and does not break into pieces.

There are a few tips that our experts advise before installation. To make sure you are getting maximum protection from falling or flying debris hurricane windows should be paired with window frames that are designed to house them. 

Frames designed specifically for impact windows are made with sturdy metal, vinyl, wood, or a combination of materials to withstand intense storm activity. This provides greater support to the glass itself while also offering greater sealing properties to prevent any wind or water from intruding into your home.  

When we provide estimates for homeowners throughout South Florida, we recommend that the entire window opening be refitted with a new frame. This can help you generate the most value from your investment by reducing the risk of damage to the smallest probability possible. 

Install Impact Windows with 100% Financing Today* 

As the exclusive installer of Paradise Platinum Series impact windows, our team at Paradise Exteriors is committed to providing the most seamless and highest-quality installations to homes throughout South Florida. Our windows have earned multiple Energy Star Awards for their energy efficiency and ability to help residents save up to 31% on their monthly bills!** They are also the only windows to hold an official endorsement from the National Crime Prevention Council. 

To help remove financial barriers that are often associated with home improvement projects, we work with the industry’s best financial institutions to offer 100% financing*. You can also take advantage of a wide range of warranty options to protect yourself against repair and replacement costs should these needs arise.

To get started, call Paradise Exteriors today for a free quote to install beautiful and effective hurricane impact windows.

*Financing may be provided by third-party lenders unaffiliated with Paradise Exteriors, under terms and conditions arranged directly between the borrower and such lender, all subject to credit requirements. Not all buyers may qualify for financing. Any finance terms advertised are estimates only. Administration fee may be required and may be refundable, subject to approval.

** On average when replacing single-pane windows with EnergyStar rated windows in Florida; see for more information.


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