Practical Ways to Protect Windows from Hurricanes

Every year, hurricanes and tropical storms threaten properties throughout Florida. For most homeowners, the primary concern is the roof on top of their heads. However, the roof is not the only part of a home that takes a beating during a storm. 

Traditional glass windows are some of the most vulnerable entry points for wind, water, and debris during hurricanes. Homes with these types of windows are more likely to suffer severe damage than those upgraded to impact-resistant windows. 

Protecting the home involves the entire property from the property’s edge to the centermost room of the interior. There are practical ways to protect windows from hurricanes that can make a world of difference when a storm hits.

Practical Ways to Protect Your Home

Trim Trees and Shrubs Regularly

Trees and shrubs can make a beautiful addition to your home, but they can also be a massive liability during hurricane season. One of the most common damages from hurricanes is broken branches from trees and shrubs knocked onto homes by high winds. Make it a priority to prune your trees and shrubs regularly, as this ensures that dead branches are removed and larger, heavier branches are trimmed to produce less severe damage if they do break off.

Create Storage Space for Outdoor Furniture 

When a hurricane is approaching, you have to act fast. Store your outdoor furniture in your garage or shed to avoid damage caused by wind and debris. Heavy objects like firepits, grills, and stone decor can shatter windows or cause damage to the siding if they’re not stored somewhere safe.

Set aside ample storage space in your garage or shed for storing outdoor furniture when hurricanes are approaching. When you learn of an approaching storm, move these objects into your dedicated storage space.

Keep Heavy Inside Objects Away from Your Windows

During a storm, you don’t want to have a giant piece of furniture crashing through your window.

So, keep your heavy furniture and decorations a few feet away from your windows. This will prevent them from falling into the windows and potentially breaking them during a storm. 

Winds can cause a home to shake or rumble, which could then cause these pieces of furniture to fall and compromise the home’s integrity from the inside. Wall-mount any tall, heavy pieces of furniture to ensure they do not move, such as bookcases, cabinets, and dressers. This will help protect your home’s integrity during a storm.

Double-Check Window Locks Before Evacuating

Before leaving your home, the last thing you want to do is double-check your window locks. But it’s worth it—strong winds can push open windows, so doing so can ensure that you come back to a house that hasn’t flooded and is as you left it.

Install Window Alarms

During a hurricane, it’s common for looters to break into homes that have been evacuated. Window alarms can notify you if someone has broken into your home while you’re away, so you can protect yourself and your property. You can also add additional security features like surveillance cameras to document looting.

Impact Windows: The Future of Hurricane Protection

If you’re looking for an upgrade that provides maximum protection and security, impact windows are the answer. They provide homeowners with many benefits, including:

Complete Hurricane Protection

Hurricane-force winds are capable of breaking through regular windows and damaging the structure of your house, leaving you vulnerable to leaks, flooding, and further damage. Impact windows are designed to withstand hurricane conditions. They’re built with thick glass and strong frames to keep your home safe even in the worst weather.


Unlike traditional windows that require extensive maintenance to keep in good condition, hurricane impact windows are shatterproof. This makes them an excellent choice for parts of the home that are more prone to hurricanes and other weather phenomena.

Better Thermal Control

Impact windows are made from tempered glass and designed to keep your home cooler in the summer. This places far less strain on your HVAC system and lower energy bills. 

UV Light Filtering

Impact windows help you protect your furniture and flooring from damage caused by UV rays over time. As the sun streams through your windows, items closest to it—your couches, rugs, and tables—are the most susceptible to fading. The color of your furniture might become duller and less vibrant if you don’t have tinted windows that block out the harmful UV rays. 

Improved Home Security

Impact windows help protect your possessions from theft, even when you’re not home. They also help provide a safe place for your family members to sleep—without the fear of intruders breaking in.

Complements the Aesthetic of Your Home

Your windows are a chance to show off your unique style and tastes, and impact windows offer a fantastic range of options and color choices that will make your home look perfect.

Year-Round Protection

Your home is typically the most significant investment you will ever make, so you must protect it—not just from hurricanes but from all sorts of extreme weather conditions. Impact windows offer year-round protection from storms and powerful winds and rains that can occur outside of hurricane season. Additionally, impact windows shield your home from flying debris and intruders. You’ll rest easy knowing that your window investment is helping to protect your family, your belongings, and your biggest investment.

Install Hurricane Impact Windows in Your Florida Home Today

Unsure if you need new windows? Not to worry! Paradise Exteriors has you covered.

We offer a wide variety of top-performing hurricane impact windows that can help protect your home from the forces of nature. 

Our state-of-the-art windows are built with ultramodern technology, making them durable and energy-efficient. Our Paradise Platinum windows have won multiple Energy Star Awards and are the only windows endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council. To learn more, contact us or schedule a free estimate today!


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