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The 3 Most Hurricane-Prone Cities in Florida

Residents of Florida are drawn here because of our state’s picturesque landscape, close proximity to the water and temperate climate. And while living in a tropical paradise is enjoyable most of the time, one thing that Florida residents do have to worry about is hurricanes, which can cause terrible damage to properties that have not been adequately hurricane-proofed. This month, we thought we’d provide you with a list of the 3 most hurricane-prone cities in the state of Florida, based on data from NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division:

Most Hurricane-Prone Cities in Florida1) Miami, FL: Each year, the city of Miami runs a 16% chance that it will be hit by a large hurricane. With the Atlantic Ocean located directly to its east and a maximum elevation of only 42 feet above sea-level, the geographic location of the city of Miami opens it up to severe weather damage. This is not helped by the fact that the majority of Miami’s dense population lives within 20 miles of the coastline. In fact, Miami is due for a major hurricane; this is something that residents should be aware of when renovating or building their homes.

2) Key West, FL: Many of the qualities that make Key West such an appealingly remote place to live also make it a target for major hurricanes, which can either brush past the city or hit it head-on. Like Miami, Key West is 16% likely to be struck by a hurricane each year, but since its maximum elevation is a mere 18 feet, Key West is also at a very high risk for heavy flooding and powerful storm surges, both of which are extremely dangerous situations. Additionally, Key West’s remote location makes evacuating its residents difficult, so any visitors to Key West should educate themselves about how to get off the island in case of weather-related emergency.

3) Tampa, FL: Last on our list is another big city in Florida: Tampa. In any given year, there is an 11% statistical likelihood that Tampa will be hit by a major hurricane, which is still a substantial number. Like Miami, Tampa is very densely populated, and a significant portion of its residents live by the coast. The fact that the city of Tampa is located on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico means that the city is exposed to two different potential sources of hurricanes. Furthermore, the shallow depth of Tampa Bay increases the chance that an extreme weather event, like a hurricane, will cause massive flooding, resulting in tremendous damages to any non-reinforced property in the flood’s path.

A hurricane can strike any part of Florida

Of course, there are pros and cons to living anywhere, and with proper hurricane-proofing, you can protect your house from the water damage and damage caused by flying debris that hurricanes are known to cause (especially in the 3 cities we just talked about). Please reach out to Paradise Exteriors if you’re interested in hurricane-proofing your home – trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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