Top 5 Benefits of Impact Doors

Hurricane resistant windows

If you have been toying with the idea of having South Florida impact doors installed then you are on the path to making a wise homeowner decision. Although the name indicates some of what these types of doors and windows do they still don’t give much of an idea of just how much they can do, it does not begin to scratch the surface of their full capabilities and benefits for homeowners. 

Beyond impact resistance, impact front doors, back doors, and patio doors can all provide additional at-home comfort and savings on your monthly expenses. Before we begin discussing benefits, let’s first review how impact doors are uniquely designed to help protect you from hurricanes.

Get Storm Protection with a Hurricane Impact Front Door

Hurricane impact doors are designed to stand up to Florida hurricane force winds and debris that can become airborne during a storm. Impact doors are tested and rated, like impact windows. Impact doors are either rated by Miami-Dade County or the State of Florida. 

The entire door is tested. If hurricane rated doors contain glass, the glass will also be impact rated, so that no additional protection is required. Three popular types of hurricane impact rated doors are fiberglass doors, vinyl frame doors and aluminum frame doors.

Fiberglass doors are usually decorative front entry doors or French doors. A hurricane impact front door is usually reinforced on the inside with either aluminum or steel. Fiberglass doors either come with a paintable or stainable finish. Some homeowners opt for a stainable finish on their hurricane impact front door, because it is almost indistinguishable from wood once properly stained.

Sliding glass doors are often vinyl frame doors. The advantage of vinyl is that it is maintenance free, never needs painting, and generally offers the longest warranty. Vinyl frame sliding glass doors are usually reinforced on the inside with aluminum.

Aluminum frame sliding glass doors and hinged doors are a strong and affordable option. The aluminum will either be often be anodized to avoid corrosion and then painted at the factory or powder coated. Some newer factory applied paint technology is said to last longer than powder coating.

hurricane impact front door

Top 5 Additional Benefits of Hurricane Doors

There are plenty of other benefits aside from just being impact resistant. Let’s consider them now.

1. Burglary protection 

Doors represent one of the largest openings in a home. If they are not properly secured, this can create an opportunity for water, wind, and debris to enter and damage the interior. One of the easiest ways for a criminal to enter your home is also through the doors. But this sturdy and impact resistant option makes this next to impossible.

2. Insurance premiums discount

From mortgages to utilities and home improvement costs, you shoulder enough financial responsibility as a homeowner. If you can find a way to save on insurance costs, this can provide you with additional savings each month that you can use to lower your overall cost of living. 

Because of all of the benefits that impact doors offer, many insurance companies recognize and reward this. Depending on the company you may see discounts on your premiums just for installing these.

3. Energy efficiency

When a home is insufficiently insulated, this creates air leakage which results in the cool air escaping your home at faster rates. As a result, this places additional strain on your air conditioning systems to maintain your desired temperature which also increases energy usage. 
Impact doors offer a superior level of insulation, and you will see drastic changes in your utility bills each month. This alone offsets the initial upfront investment costs associated with installation.

4. Noise reduction

When outside noise enters the home, it can disrupt everyone’s peace. From interrupting your sleep at night to interfering with relaxation during the day, traditional doors do not sufficiently block these sounds from entering the home. 

Once you have an impact door installed, you will notice a significant difference in the amount of noise you can hear coming from outside. The resulting peace that you will feel in your home is alone worth taking care of this task. 

5. UV protection

UV rays do far more damage than just causing sunburn on your skin. When surfaces of your home are exposed to these harmful rays, they can fade colors and hasten the deterioration of materials. 

The impact glass found on impact doors is also designed to filter UV light and reduce or eliminate its presence in your home. UV light can fade carpeting and furniture. Blocking it results in less maintenance needing to be done to your interior to maintain its aesthetic and a longer life for your furnishings.

Of course there are plenty of other advantages to adding impact doors to your home but these are just a few to get you started.

Your Next Task: Hurricane Impact Front Door & Patio Doors

Now that you realize the importance of adding these doors to your home then you need to decide on who you want to get the job done. This is a difficult job that should only be done by a professional.

Our team of professionals at Paradise Exteriors is just the name to trust. Being from the Boca Raton area means knowing the importance of impact resistant doors and windows.

Of course installing a feature like this also means increasing the value of your home. You can’t live in South Florida and not benefit from the added protection that hurricane doors and windows provide.

Any of our pros can meet with you and discuss your options and then help you make the best decision possible based on your wants, needs and budget. We also can assist you in selecting from a wide range of financing options to help offset large initial costs and instead pay over time at a rate that makes more sense for you. 

If you are ready to improve the look of your home while adding all of these benefits then make the call. We look forward to being your South Florida impact doors experts of choice.

If you are looking for a professional and courteous South Florida hurricane impact front door company, contact us today.


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