Why Choose Boynton Beach Impact Windows Over Hurricane Shutters?

Shutters have long been used on homes to protect against burglary, storm debris, and water damage. But it may be more beneficial to use Boynton impact windows instead. Of course, some homeowners have gotten used to their hurricane shutters and will need some convincing before making the switch. It may turn out that you’d rather stick with your hurricane shutters. But take a look as the benefits of impact windows first, and see if it doesn’t change your mind.

You’ll still need replacement windows.

If you choose the addition of hurricane shutters to your home, your windows will still be old and getting older. At some point, you’ll need to replace them. If you choose Boynton Beach impact windows, your home will be sufficiently protected from any storm damage and your windows will be up-to-date, new, and high quality. This is also a more cost-efficient decision: it’ll be less to install impact windows than to install regular replacement windows and hurricane shutters.

Impact windows are ready to go.

With hurricane shutters, you’ll need to hear a storm is coming and, as part of your preparations, run out to set up your shutters. Boynton Beach impact windows, on the other hand, are already ready at all time. Just make sure they’re locked, and you can rest assured that your home is sufficiently protected.

You’ll be able to see outside during the storm.

Instead of being shut in in your darkened home waiting for the storm to pass unaware of the outside world, with Boynton Beach impact windows, you’ll be able to see outside during the storm. This isn’t just a fun pastime, either. You’ll want to be able to assess damage, flooding, and the safety of neighbors during a very rough storm.

Shutters may become flying debris.

One of things your shutters are meant to protect you from is storm debris. But older shutters that have gotten a little worn out over the years may themselves turn into such debris. The last thing you need during a hurricane is more storm debris and an exposed window. Impact windows will be the best protection you can find.

Impact windows will reduce your insurance premiums.

Having impact windows permanently installed in your home can lower your insurance premiums.

Impact windows can lower energy costs.

During the summer months in Florida, homeowners end up spending a hefty chunk of change on air conditioning costs. Impact windows will help you keep your home cool, lowering your energy costs by as much 20-50%.

They’ll increase your home’s resale value.

Having Boynton Beach impact windows installed in your home will immediately raise the resale value of your home. People like to know they–and their property–are adequately protected. Plus, they’ll look much better than bulky, clunky hurricane shutters.

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