How Impact Windows Can Save on Home Repair Costs After a Hurricane

Impact Windows Can Save on Hurricane Repair Costs

Protect Your Home Against Greater Damage with Impact-Rated Glass

Recovering from a hurricane can be physically, mentally, and emotionally stressful for many Floridian homeowners. If your home has experienced extensive damage during a bad storm, it could result in costly remediation expenses that may not be fully covered by insurance. Today, we’ll be discussing ways that the initial impact windows cost can save you from some huge home repair costs after a storm.

If you want to add an additional layer of hurricane protection to your property to help lower post-repair costs, you might consider upgrading to hurricane impact windows. As a homeowner, you may be hesitant to opt for such windows, as the price of impact windows may initially be daunting. However, they can actually help you save on home repair costs after a hurricane, making them an excellent investment.

Not Investing in the Impact Window Cost now may Result in a Lot More Expenses Later

Storm damage is one of the most difficult repairs a homeowner can experience, as it can result in damage to appliances, electronics, and all your possessions, plus the structural integrity of your home. 

What’s worse is that you will need these repairs post-storm, at the same time many other homeowners are trying to get similar repairs done. This can make the cost much higher than the usual average. However your insurance company might only reimburse you the usual average cost, minus your deductible. Leaving you to pay the difference.

Additionally, many insurance companies can become inundated with claims after a storm, which may lead to a long delay in receiving any reimbursement. Also, contractors and building departments may also be overwhelmed, leading to even more delays. If your home is uninhabitable due to damage, you may need to reside elsewhere for an extended period. A cost which might not be reimbursed by your insurance at all.

All Important factors that may be taken into consideration when it’s time to decide on investing in protection for your home.

Hurricane-resistant impact windows are independently verified to provide superior protection against hurricanes winds, rain and flying debris compared to  other forms of protection . 

No Risks with Setup or Teardown

Nailing boards or fastening other protective barriers to the inside or outside of your home, not only provide insufficient protection, but can also cause damage to the walls or window frame, which can further drive up home repair costs. As a result, you will have to patch up any damaged areas after removing the barrier, which will require extra materials such as spackles, paintbrushes, and other home improvement tools.

With hurricane-resistant windows, you won’t have to worry about any risks or additional costs associated with setup or teardown. Unlike other options, which can be bulky, expensive, and difficult to install, hurricane-proof impact windows eliminate the need to set up and teardown. You will not have to risk damaging materials like wood, stone, or drywall because impact windows never need to be removed.

No Preparation Expenses

Traditional glass windows and hurricane shutters require maintenance, occasional panel replacements, and a place to store them in the off-season. Boards require you to go to a hardware store and have them cut to your desired dimensions. You’ll also need to purchase nails and a hammer to secure them to your window. 

Since impact windows are permanently fixed to your home and require no preparation, you can bypass these additional expenses altogether. Plus, homes that have impact windows installed have a better curb appeal, improved insulation, and provide more energy efficiency – all of which can provide a great return on investment.

Reduced Likelihood of Interior Damage

Since impact windows provide better protection against leaks, wind, and debris, they stand a far greater chance of preventing damage to the interior of your home, which means that the likelihood of having to pay for water and storm damage restoration is lower. 

Aside from damages to furniture, appliances, electronics, and structural integrity, water damage can promote the growth and spread of mold, which can cause foul odors, serious health problems, and a complete devaluation of your property.  

Improve The Value Of Your Home

Impact-resistant windows aren’t just beneficial for protecting your home during a storm but can also pay off when you are ready to list your home for sale. Such improvements can vastly improve your home’s resale value while ensuring durable protection while you are still there.

Are you considering having hurricane-resistant windows installed? Paradise Exteriors is the leading provider of custom hurricane-resistant windows in Florida. Our unbeatable warranties are designed to provide homeowners with even greater peace of mind, as customer satisfaction is our top commitment. Contact us today for a free quote to make your home safe before the next hurricane season.

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