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5 Major Drawbacks of Hurricane Metal Shutters

Metal hurricane shutters appeal to many homeowners looking to enhance hurricane protection for their homes. While metal shutters are usually regarded as the most effective protection, along with storm doors and impact windows, they may not be as effective as many believe. 

There is no doubt that hurricane shutters are an attractive option for homeowners looking to protect their property from powerful storms. However, just because they are popular, does that mean they are the most effective solution? Consider these five significant drawbacks and disadvantages of metal hurricane shutters before making a purchase decision.

Drawback 1: Hurricane Metal Shutters Are Noisy

Unlike other options, such as impact windows, hurricane metal shutters can be very noisy when installed in your home. This is because they tend to rattle and bang against the window frame when it gets windy or rainy outside. The rattling noise can get annoying for some people, such as neighbors or young children trying to sleep, especially if you live in an area where it often rains during the year. 

Drawback 2: They Create a Darker Environment 

The second drawback of hurricane shutters is that they can create a darker indoor environment. Completely blocking out sunlight creates more darkness and makes it more uncomfortable to stay in your home for those who are sheltering in place. 

Having to run interior lights constantly can lead to increased electric bills and put a drain on any battery-powered light source, like flashlights. It also means that it will be more difficult to see outside, which could affect your ability to monitor flooding or other hazards. Impact windows, on the other hand, provide the same protection without compromising natural sunlight.

Drawback 3: They’re Extensive to Setup and Teardown

Unlike impact windows, which are permanently fixed to your home, hurricane shutters must be set up before a hurricane arrives. They must be installed so as not to interfere with the window’s function or appearance. If you have windows that open and close, this may require custom work. 

After the storm, they must either be removed from the window or placed back into position. If they break and are permanently attached to the home, this can result in costly repairs. If they are not permanently installed, you also need a space on your property to store them when not in use. 

Drawback 4: They Take Away from Your Home’s Beauty

The fourth drawback of hurricane shutters is that they can take away from the beauty of your home. Hurricane shutters are flat, metallic installations that can distract from your home’s original aesthetics.

If your home is painted in bright tones, metal hurricane shutters’ sleek and cold appearance may clash with your home’s exterior. Depending on where you live, primarily if governed by an HOA, you may not be allowed to install shutters over your windows. 

Unlike their counterparts, hurricane impact windows blend in with the aesthetic of your home – you don’t have to worry about homeowner association violations or taking away from your property value. 

Drawback 5: An Incomplete Protection

One of the biggest drawbacks of hurricane shutters is that they don’t always provide complete protection. For example, some shutters leave gaps between the window and the shutter panel, allowing wind and water to penetrate. 

This can decrease the protective value of your shutter panels, as less protection means more damage to your home. If storm forces dislodge a shutter panel, it could also shatter the window it is designed to protect.

Get Complete Protection with Hurricane Impact Windows

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