Window and Door Protection Tips for Hurricanes

window and door protection

Better-Protect Your Windows and Doors During Florida Hurricane Season

During a hurricane, windows and doors are often among the most vulnerable parts of your home to storm damage. If either is breached, this can pose a great risk to your valuables inside as well as anyone who is sheltering indoors. Today, we are going to discuss some top window and door protection tips for when an intense storm touches down in Florida. 

Make Sure You Either Have Impact-Rated Hurricane Panels, Shutters or, Best of All, Hurricane Windows  Before the Storm Arrives

Protect your home with Florida approved hurricane protection for your windows and doors before the storm arrives. This will help prevent flying debris and high winds from entering by breaking through a window or door and causing extensive damage. If you have hurricane windows, as an extra measure of security, be sure to also lock them to help prevent break-ins after the storm. 

Don’t Forget to Secure All of Your Windows 

A popular myth is that homeowners only need to protect the windows that are facing bodies of water. This is not the case. In fact, you should secure all of your windows to minimize the risk of wind-blown debris entering your home and causing severe damage. 

Double-Check Your Doors Also 

Just as you want to make sure your windows are closed, it is important to check that your doors are also secure. If wind picks up and slams the door shut, the last thing you want is for it to break open and let in rain and debris. 

Do Not Duct Tape Your Windows 

Do not fall for the duct tape solution. It may seem like a quick fix to protect your windows during high winds and rain, but there are plenty of misleading sources online that promote this as a way to secure them. Duct tape is neither a reliable nor robust solution for hurricane protection. 

Avoid Using Plywood Boards to Protect Your Glass 

Plywood is not a reliable solution to protect your windows from hurricane damage. It can easily break or be blown away in high winds, leaving your home susceptible to the storm. Additionally, tests have shown that plywood boards cannot stand up to flying windborne debris which can still create a risk of damage. 

Boarding your windows will also require time to purchase materials, which may be sold-out before a storm. You then need to cut and nail the plywood to your home’s structure before the storm arrives. If you need to quickly evacuate your home, this will not prove an efficient option. 

Use Hurricane Impact Windows to Provide the Best Possible Window and Door Protection  

A much more reliable option to protect your windows from hurricane damage is impact-resistant glass. Impact windows are designed with safety in mind, so they can remain intact even when hit by a large object or pushed on by high winds and pressure changes. These windows also provide an added element of security against burglars who want to break into your home while you’re not around during the storm. 

Impact windows will typically be two panes of laminated glass that does not shatter easily but instead remain in place like a car windshield would under similar conditions. With such durable construction, it provides excellent protection for homes vulnerable to severe weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes alike!

Unique benefits of impact windows also include: 

Permanently Installed in Your Home 

Once they are installed, hurricane impact windows will be a permanent part of your home. Unlike other solutions that can easily be blown away or removed. This means no time is needed to set up or tear down your window protection before the storm arrives. 

Custom-Sized to Your Home 

Impact windows and their frames are custom sized to the exact dimensions of your home’s openings. This enables your new windows to have a proper fit, which improves longevity, strength and greatly reduces the risk of drafts or leakage. . 

Independently Tested to Withstand the Most Extreme Hurricane Forces 

Impact windows are independently tested and Florida approved, to verify their ability to withstand the most extreme hurricane forces. This means that you can be confident in their capabilities to protect your home from storm damage. 

Hurricane Windows Provide Additional Security 

As compared to other types of hurricane protection, only hurricane windows provide additional security against break-ins. This gives extra peace of mind all year long and especially after a hurricane when power may be out, phone lines could be down and police might be unable to respond as usual.

Get Impact Glass for Your Windows and Doors Today 

At Paradise Exteriors, we provide the finest-quality impact glass to safeguard the windows and doors of your South Florida home, setting new standards for excellence in South Florida windows and doors protection. We strive to provide excellent and courteous service and offer a variety of warranty options to make sure that you can enjoy the peace of mind that your property is secure during a hurricane. 

To get a free estimate for your own window and door protection, contact us anytime.


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